Finnish JetDogs Oy launches a new game for the Apple Watch

PRESS RELEASE | 29th March 2016

Finnish gaming studio JetDogs has launched a new Apple Watch game Catch Me If You Cat. The newly launched game is JetDogs’ first product that is developed in Finland and it is designed exclusively for the Apple Watch. Catch Me If You Cat is tapping into an emerging market of smartwatch games.
Developing games for Apple Watch is a new trend in the gaming industry. It requires a special approach particularly regarding the elaboration of design and game play. We want to be one of the pioneers in this niche and develop games that are both fun to play and well designed, says Artem Kirillovskii, the CEO of JetDogs Oy.
JetDogs established a gaming studio in Finland in the Spring 2016 and at the time moved their headquarters to Helsinki. With a help of the newly established Finnish gaming studio JetDogs aims to expand to larger European markets and gain foothold as an international brand known by its high-quality games.  
Since the beginning, collaboration with Invest in Finland, Finpro was seamless. With their help we were able to find the right information and contacts, speeding up our expansion to Finland. Finland's gaming market is very prospective and is increasing its attractiveness among international companies. Having a presence in Finland helps us in finding new strategic partners and consolidating our team in order to develop gaming products of the highest quality, says Artem Kirillovskii.

We in Finland are thrilled to offer JetDogs a pathway for international markets. In part, our KAATO-acceleration program assisted JetDogs to establish their Finnish operations. Ultimately, the decisions of global gaming companies to locate here, underline Finland’s role among the international hotspots for games development, says Oleg Paliy, Business Advisor at Invest in Finland, Finpro.
JetDogs Studios was founded 10 years ago by two gaming experts from Russia. JetDogs is also developing and publishing games for both PC and mobile platforms for the U.S., Europe, and Asia markets.
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