PowerVision to land drones in Tampere, Finland

Chinese UAV company PowerVision opens a new R&D unit in Tampere, Finland with the help of Finpro and Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea. The main drivers behind the decision were local ICT expertise as well as the Finnish university research, which supports innovation in the drone-related research fields. The new PowerVision R&D facilities strengthen the footing of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in Finland. Globally, drone business has taken off swiftly, as the advantages of the technology have gained widespread recognition. With their high-usability and agility, PowerVision’s drones are internationally an established part of everyday activities of numerous companies and authorities. They are utilized for multiple purposes in various fields and industries, including agriculture, energy, the police and rescue services. The common functions include the likes of power network inspections, rescue missions as well as metering and mapping from above. Additional to industrial applications PowerVision has established also consumer products “PowerEgg” and “PowerEye” in the summer 2016.

Finnish research expertise in Tampere created pull

For PowerVision, the main reason to locate in Finland is the Finnish expertise in the research fields, that suit well for the research and development work of the drone company. Finland has a long tradition in the development of wireless technologies, imaging, sensors and location technologies, which are all essential in the eyes of PowerVision.

“Finland has amazingly strong R&D resources in the technology areas that PowerVision need for researching and developing world class drones and consumer robots. And Finnish experts are very credible and loyal to company. That’s also a plus.” commented by Huber Hu, CEO of Powervision Oy.

Furthermore, the corporate cooperation of the Finnish universities in PowerVision’s fields of interest have impressed the Chinese drone manufacturer.

The final decision to come to Tampere followed comprehensive investigations, during which Finpro’s Invest in Finland and Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea presented the benefits of the region as an R&D site to the Chinese company.

“The process, where R&D and business opportunities were developed for PowerVision, is a good example how the cooperation between the company, Finpro’s international activities and the regional development agency can work. This fast and effective process created possibilities that foreign companies rarely see without local help.” says project manager Katja Koponen from Finpro.

“The multi-organizational team mined the Tampere ICT talent pool to deliver detailed information on the specific set of skilled people that PowerVision needed. It was also set up a program of meetings for PowerVision with the right professors at the universities and researchers at VTT. Finpro and Tredea provided information on financial incentives, office space, legal services and everything a company needs to set-up a company here.” adds senior manager Oliver Hussey from Tredea.

Initially, the new R&D center in Tampere will focus on radio wave, antenna and wireless technologies. At the site, the first recruits are already hired, and full operations will start in the near future.

More information:
Katja Koponen, Project manager, Tampere, Invest in Finland/Finpro, email: katja.koponen@finpro.fi, tel.  +358 50 3439078
Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro, e-mail: hetta.huittinen@finpro.fi, tel. +358 40 033 9597

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