Scawiba, a fast growing business service company opens an office in Helsinki

Scawiba announced the expansion of its operations with the opening of a new office in Helsinki. The customers can now leverage Scawiba's B2C/B2B telemarketing, Winback/anti-churn, contact center, lead generation and sales support to grow their business in Finland.

“We at Scawiba want to share our passion by creating something extraordinary. Our aim is to deliver the best result without compromising our quality. From developing the basis for the campaign to customer result,“ says Nico Bacigalupe, CEO of Scawiba Group and Interim CEO of Scawiba Finland Oy.

Scawiba have offices in Malmö and Stockholm and needed to quickly open the office in Helsinki to get closer to their customers and be part of the expanding Finnish market. “Finland is the first country in our plan to go international. Why? The timing is perfect!“  


Scawiba’s business model and service portfolio is now fine tuned and the company is set to expand abroad. Finland is the first and obvious location in the internationalization plan. In the call center business, recruiting people with understanding of local language skills and local culture is a must. In other words, successful business requires local presence.


“The Scawiba Oy is registred and we have a nice office in city center of Helsinki. Now we need ramp up the employment activities. We are happy with the support from Finpro’s Invest in Finland. Now we stand in front of our toughest challenge, which is to recruit 30 colleagues to our new office. Today we have received good support in recruiting and everything goes according to our plan,” Nico says.


“We are happy to have assisted Scawiba to secure a smooth and quick market establishment. Scawiba have great expansion plans and it will be interesting to follow their growth on the Finnish market,” says Lars Hagebris, Director and Senior Advisor at Finpro’s Invest in Finland.